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writer 라이브bk (ip:)
  • date 2020-05-20
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    스팸글 Rain predicted to improve but drought not over

    The wet autumn weather has brought with it some long-term problems for farmers, but most people are still not in trouble with their crop.

    In the second quarter, total crops were up over 4.3 per cent in New South Wales and 6.8 per cent in Queensland, the report says.

    Topics: weather, community-and-society, rural, community-and-society, agriculture-and-farming, australia

    First posted

    Council snubs mount shadforth housing bid

    The NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird has said it was "a sad day" for the Coalition, and he had "resigned in disgust" to resign as a part-time MP.

    "I'm resigning as part-time NSW Liberal Party leader in disgust at NSW Liberal Party leadership," Mr Baird said at a press conference yesterday.

    "I've been involved with the party for 35 years and I've never seen anything like this.

    "We lost to Tony Abbott in a landslide... Tony Abbott has been bad for the party, I've seen nothing like this."

    He went on: "I've been an MP for 30 years and I've never seen anything like this.

    "I'll be supporting the party that has nominated me and I will be supporting the party that nominated me for leader."

    Mr Baird was elected MP for the seat of Ashgrove in the late 1980s, winning with a landslide in 1996.

    The former MP was given the job of acting leader when Mr Abbott came to power in 2013 but has not been a full-time member of cabinet since he announced he would step down from the role on September 30.

    Mr Baird, who has been accused of being a "political hacksman" by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, told Fairfax Media he would seek to become the MP for Ashgrove again when a successor to Mr Abbott takes over after the next election.

    NSW Liberal Party (NSW LNP) Leader Gladys Berejiklian says the former Prime Minister's sudden departure "should have been obvious to all". Photo: Jason South

    Mr Baird is the second senior cabinet member to step down to become a full-time parliamentary candidate during the NSW elections following former Liberal minister Peter Beattie's decision to drop out after only three months in the role.

    Mr Baird was named as NSW Leader of Opposition on September 30 but has not run for any NSW state or federal office since then.

    The NSW LNP is now considering an emergency move by the NSW Liberal Party to oust the current NSW MP if he does not accept the leadership of his own party.

    Liberal MPs will be asked to vote by secret ballot on whether to form a federal party of government if Mr Baird is not reappointed.
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    스팸글 Cranitch claims victory for teachers' rights in Supreme Court ruling

    "A teacher should be able to choose which tests she wants to take," Cranitch added. "That's what they are doing."

    While the teachers' union, CUPE Local 100, has been leading the campaign against the testing and assessment program for years, it has not sought state intervention. In a statement to the Free Press, the National Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or NFSCME, criticized the judges for allowing the matter to "remain unresolved indefinitely."

    "While this fight against standardized testing has been a long time coming, it looks like at last they've won," NFSCME Executive Director Paul Weyer said in a written statement to the Free Press.

    A day before Thursday's hearing, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected arguments from the state of Ohio that the case should be dismissed with prejudice.

    In his ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with state attorneys arguing that while the students were taking the test the decision to subject them to the tests was not in a "state-facilitated manner" that deprived the kids of the right to an informed choice and gave them no meaningful opportunity to defend themselves in court.

    Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that although the state officials claimed to be acting only under a "lawful purpose," the "conceived and intended purpose was to put students in the situation they had no control over and did not expect."

    Ohio state officials also had no way to warn the students before the tests were scheduled, Breyer wrote, and had made the decisions without even informing them that there would be an oral exam of whether they would be required to take the standardized tests.

    He also found the state failed to offer parents any "clear information about why the test and assessment program were being conducted."

    "In other words, they created a situation that involved a public school subject, without the informed choice and informed consent of the subject, and a state agent acting by the state's express authority," Roberts wrote.

    The school district and the Ohio attorney general will continue fighting the case, while the Ohio Supreme Court denied a request by unions to delay the ruling.

    Reaction to this ruling in Ohio was mixed. The State Education Association, which represents teachers, described the ruling as a blow to education.

    "Today's ruling opens the door for educators to have the same freedom to choose for their kids whether they want to take a state-mandated test, or to seek out alternatives or education outside the normal classroom environment, such as on a bus or train," the group said in a statement.

    "By blocking teachers from making that choice, the court undermined the very core of teacher education – independenc

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